Animal, Sara Pascoe


I recently finished reading Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body by Sara Pascoe.  It compares human behaviours concerning sex and body image with animal behaviours in an attempt to reach conclusions about us all.  It discusses women’s issues and feminism in a way that I have not seen before.

Sara Pascoe is an English comedian, not a scientist, which means all of the information in the book is secondary research but her conclusions are easy to understand and often hilarious.  Mixed into the scientific information and animalistic analogies are anecdotes from Sara’s life.  Some are funny and mildly embarrassing but others are deeply personal.  This intimacy adds another level to the book which makes it much easier to connect with and take in the important messages about feminism and women’s issues.

This was one of the best non-fiction books I have ever read.  With Sara Pascoe’s help, my eyes have been opened to a whole genre of feminist non-fiction.  I believe every woman (in fact everyone) should read this book and learn from it.


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