Girl Up, Laura Bates

IMG_6841I finished this book a few days ago and wow it was incredible! After reading Animal by Sara Pascoe and hearing about this book, I knew I had to read it. I was not disappointed.

Girl Up is a book that perfectly comments and kicks down all of society’s bad rules and customs and allows you to realise all the problems that women face in the world. It deals with all aspects of life including school, sex education, porn, body image, fashion, etc. It tells of the everyday sexism women (and everybody regardless of gender) face because of the gender norms of society. This book does not hold back. Laura Bates is so wonderfully honest and often humorous about everything and is not afraid to use her “sexist bullshit klaxon” in order to call out the problems that upset or angry her. Bates’ implicit confidence is so refreshing and inspiring.

Girl Up aims to banish the taboo of these subjects and encourages women to talk openly about the issues that not only affect them personally but also the issues that affect people in other cultures and of other ethnicities. I strongly believe this book should be read by everyone. This book should not be read by just women but by everyone as the issues explained inside affect everyone.

I don’t often read non-fiction books but this is by far my favourite. It will be the one I go to for inspiration and the one I go to before I call out sexism, just as Bates has taught us to do. I have learned so much about society and being a woman, and I hope we can all learn something about ourselves from Girl Up.

I really couldn’t recommend this book enough.

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