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I’m back!  I’ve been on a lovely holiday to Devon for these past two weeks.  That’s why this blog has been very quiet recently; I haven’t really had the best internet signal (and I also felt I needed a break from the non-stop social media intake we have these days).  Being away from my computer for two weeks meant I was unable to blog properly and despite being relatively new to blogging, I really enjoy it and find it hard to go a day without thinking about it.  I’ve really missed the process of drafting and publishing blog posts for you, my readers and followers.

The great thing about being on holiday without brilliant internet signal is the vast amount of time left for reading.  In these two weeks, I have read a total of four books.  Three of those books I took with me and one I bought when I was out there.  The books I took with me were:

  • Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini

I really enjoyed reading these three books on the beach, out in the countryside and in cafes.  They may be very varied in genre and topic but I enjoyed each one quite equally.  I hope to write reviews on these three books soon on my blog.


The fourth book I read whilst on holiday was Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.  One day in the two weeks, my family and I went to a lovely town called Bideford.  Whilst exploring the shops there, I stumbled upon a tiny second-hand bookshop so obviously I had to go in.  To my delight they had a beautiful collection of vintage Penguin books.  I wanted to buy them all!  Luckily I settled on two books, both by one of my favourite authors, Jane Austen.  I hadn’t read Mansfield Park but I had heard great things about it so I knew it was an obvious buy.  I have previously read Persuasion (the other book I bought) but I couldn’t help but think of a collection I could start so I bought it too.  It’ll mean more trips to second-hand bookshops to find all the Austen novels in this edition.  I thoroughly enjoyed Mansfield Park so I am sure I’ll be writing a review of that soon too.


Now, I’m an absolute sucker for bookshops so the two Jane Austen novels were not the only books I bought when I was away.  I also bought The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being by Alice Roberts (my favourite scientist – if you haven’t heard of her and you like science, check her out now) and Asking For It by Louise O’Neill.  As I will be attending the event by O’Neill on Tuesday 2nd August I thought it was best to get a head start and read Asking For It.  It was a gripping and eye opening read and a book I started and finished at the weekend.  I’ll be writing a review of it as soon as I have attended the event and it will be on my blog on Thursday.


My normal blogging schedule has now returned!  I’ll be posting book related content every Monday and Thursday.  If you enjoy what I’m doing let me know.  If you have any suggestions of posts you would like to see me write also let me know.



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