Why I think libraries are underrated

There’s nothing like a pretty book collection. That joy when you buy a new book from a bookshop and have to rearrange your bookshelves to put it in the perfect place. My bookshelves are the most noticeable thing about my bedroom. They’re like a centre piece really.

As a student, my money for buying new books is very limited. I’m lucky in the fact that my parents and grandparents support my hobby and often buy me books for birthdays and Christmas. That being said, I cannot buy all the books that I wish to read, and there are many people like me. That’s why libraries are so useful but we often don’t realise they are there because of our obsessions with new books and pretty shelves.

I used to go to my library all the time in the summers when I was growing up. When I was at secondary school, I used to use my school library very often as it was very big compared to others in the city. The librarian there was so lovely. She knew most people in the school (especially those who borrowed books a lot) and she was always on hand to recommended that book you didn’t realise you wanted to read. I then left that school and stopped using libraries. At 15 I started becoming more interested in buying books new and collecting them. I began to be very particular about the editions of books I owned and making sure the books I bought were in perfect condition. I’ve been like that ever since until now! Until this summer, I hadn’t stepped foot in my local library for over a year, maybe longer. It’s time for me to make a change and to encourage others to do the same.

Recently I became aware of just how much money I was spending on books that I often read only once. That’s why I have decided to start using my local library more often. I’ve started volunteering there to inspire more children to use the service too. Today was my first volunteering shift and I forgot how amazing my local library was! In fact I couldn’t leave the library without borrowing a book. I have wanted to read Trouble by Non Pratt for a while so I was glad it was right there on the shelf. I hope that won’t be the last book I borrow this month.

Libraries are always losing council funding because some people don’t use them as much anymore. Libraries are amazing places to browse books, DVDs and CDs to borrow and return for very little money or free. They also run events and activity days for adults and children which are also usually free to attend. Events like that can be a great way of making bookish friends which is always a bonus!

To summarise, reasons you should use your library more often:

  • The books there are free and can be borrowed for several weeks at a time.
  • It frees up your bookshelves for those books you really have to own not just the ones you’ll read once.
  • Libraries are a great way to make new friends and some host book clubs that you can join.
  • By going to your local library you’re supporting them. When no one goes to a library councils close them to save money. Go to your library and keep it open for everyone.

Save some money, cut back that new shiny book obsession and support a great service in your local community. Use your local library now!

2 thoughts on “Why I think libraries are underrated

  1. As someone who works in al I raft as a Saturday job, I can indeed second this. Libraries are literally places for free books and they’re not used by any age group as much as they should be – after leaving school I think a lot of people forget about them.


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