Trouble, Non Pratt

I’m going to start by saying I loved this book! I hadn’t read anything from Non Pratt before but I had heard about this book and the good reviews it was getting, so when I saw it in my local library I was excited to read it.


Trouble is about a 15 year old girl called Hannah who finds out she’s pregnant but can’t tell anyone who the father of the baby is. The new boy at school, Aaron comes to her rescue by offering to pretend to be the father of the child. The question throughout the book is why did Aaron offer to do this when him and Hannah weren’t very close?

Both characters have secrets; secrets they hide from each other and the others around them. That gives the book all the right twists and turns which makes it an absolute page-turner.

I really enjoyed the plot twists and development as we, the readers, got more familiar with the characters. As it is dual narration from the points of view of Hannah and Aaron, it means that the opinions and emotions of each character is displayed very clearly. Some scenes are even repeated and then continued from both character perspectives which is fascinating to read. It allows the reader to understand how different people can react to one scenario in different ways.

The main theme of this book is teenage pregnancy, something that is widely gossiped about by teenage girls, discussed in sex education at school and highlighted in the media. However, Trouble portrays a new spin on this theme but not only highlighting the judgement and family pressures caused by teenage pregnancy, but also the health and personal changes that occur. Through Hannah, Pratt illustrates the everyday struggles of doctors appointments, morning sickness and mood swings all from a teenager’s perspective. There are also more humorous side effects of pregnancy explained like weird cravings and obsessing about sex. The light hearted but real things really made the plot and characters more believable.

This was a really great read and I highly recommend it.

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