Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell


So I have to admit early on that I had my doubts about this book.  I usually don’t read the super hyped books because either they are not my type of book or I am worried I won’t enjoy it as much as others do.  That is why I took me ages to finally read this book.  I am sorry I ever doubted the hype because this book is amazing.  It is probably the best book I have read this year.  My only complaint is that it had to finish!  I could’ve read about those characters for the whole of their lives.  The writing was beautiful, the characters were beautiful.

Fangirl tell the story of Cath and her twin Wren as they go to university.  Whilst Wren is outgoing and loves to party, Cath prefers cardigans and staying in to write fan fiction – which is lucky because Cath is really good at it.  Whilst at university Cath’s life is opened up to new experiences and relationships, which are scary for anyone but more scary for someone like Cath who has anxiety.

At university, Cath meets a guy called Levi who certainly makes everything more interesting.  It would be no spoiler to say that this book involves romance but it is deeper than that.  Fangirl delves into family relationships, unlikely friendships and the stress of deadlines and exams.  The changing relationship between Cath and Wren is something everyone will experience through life, even if they are not twins.

One of the most interesting elements of the book is the contrast between Cath’s love of reading and Levi’s struggle with it.  Like Cath, I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed reading – and writing too – but I have also met lots of ‘Levis’.  It seems more common than you would think, that people struggle to read or just find a large novel very daunting.  It is, however, not something commonly explored in fiction so I really love that Rainbow Rowell did, and explained in the afterword why it was important to do so.


I read this book with Em from Em’s Book Corner ( and we have both written reviews for it.  Please check out her review now you have read mine.  I haven’t read a book with someone over the internet before but I really enjoyed it.  I hope I can collaborate with Em and more book bloggers in the future.

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