We Were Liars, E. Lockhart


This book…  Just this book!  Recently I have read many different types of books: classics, parodies, YA romance, poetry.  But nothing like this.  John Green described this book as “thrilling, beautiful and blisteringly smart” and that is exactly what it is.

We Were Liars is about a girl called Cadence who suffers severe migraines and memory loss after an accident on her granddad’s island one summer.  The problem is, two years on, she still can’t remember what happened that summer and her whole family seem very reluctant to tell her.  This is a story of discovery, family drama and love.

The conclusion of this book, which I will not spoil, absolutely stunned me.  I was not expecting that ending.  It shocked me so much and forced me to think back through the book to find clues to it.  I couldn’t find any.  It was just a bombshell of an ending and came out of nowhere.  It quickly became impossible to tell what in the book was truth and what was a lie/illusion.  I am not sure even re-reading it would make me understand what was going on in this book!

The writing itself was beautiful.  It was very poetic and full of metaphors.  In fact it reminded me a lot of John Green’s writing.  I did sometimes struggle to work out what parts were metaphorical and what were literal because of how thick the writing was with symbolism and metaphors.  However, I felt this added to the confusion of what was truth and what was a lie as we heard everything from the narrator, Cadence.  This meant that the events of the book were often skewed and patchy as we only got one side of the story.

Confusion aside, the story was very original, rich and fast-paced.  I finished this book in one sitting because I just could not put it down because I wanted to know what caused her memory loss.

This book was very hyped when it came out and I did read it a lot later than that.  To anyone who has not already read it, it is worth a read.  It is confusing but fundamentally a beautiful love story at heart.


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