Reading for Fun

I absolutely love reading (in case you hadn’t noticed).  It is one of the reasons I chose to study English.  I love the words, characters and settings inside each and every story.

As I am studying English at university, I have a lot of reading to do – some fiction, some non-fiction.  When you consider how much reading, studying and writing, it seems like you have no time left for fun reading!

When I was doing my GCSEs and A Levels, I didn’t read much for fun.  I was either studying or crashed out in front of the TV.  The only time I read during my exams was when I read 1984 by George Orwell as a way of procrastinating from biology revision!  That is why every summer, I read so many books, knowing that come September, I’ll slow down again.

I have decided this year it will be different.  I know I will not have much time for pleasure reading but it is something that relaxes me whilst keeping my mind occupied.  I definitely will not read as many books as the summer but I am going to attempt to read at least one novel or two novellas/plays per month.  I will even try to find more poetry to read as that can be great to dip in and out of.  This will not only give me something to do on my commute into university each day, but also a relaxing activity for the cold Autumn evenings we are having right now.  Reading a book, for me, is much more entertaining than watching dismal daytime TV (even if the latter option is so much easier and often what I do instead).

Like I said before, I have to travel into university each day.  My commute is about 30 minutes each way which is the perfect amount of time to read a chapter or two.  I will probably choose to take my Kindle over a physical book just because of the space and weight of it in my bag.  However I will take small, lightweight paperbacks too.

I hope I can still often read for fun so that I can keep this blog up-to-date with reviews and discussions based on the books I have read.  Although I may have to write reviews on books I have studied if they have particularly fascinated me and taken over my reading time.

If you have any advice on how you find time to read then please comment on this post and let me know.


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