Journalism Reading Update 1

One of my reading goals for 2017 is to read more journalism.  Find my reading goals here.

Here are the things I’ve been reading this past week:

National Geographic.  Gender Revolution.

This was a really fascinating read.  A whole magazine on the topic of gender and sexuality, something I think is very important to talk about.  There were articles about FGM and sexual violence, worldwide gender inequality, what it means to be a boy or girl for nine year olds across the world, the rise in acceptance of the gender nonbinary and what the future holds for gender.



The Huffington Post.  MPs Vote Against Compulsory Sex and Relationships Education for Schoolchildren

This is something I’ve been passionate about for a while now.  I found it quite disheartening that it was voted against but there is some hope.  Articles like this one and the campaign created by Laura Bates, author of Girl Up, will help raise awareness of the important of good sex and relationships education in schools.


Refinery 29.  If Ryan Gosling’s Speech Was Sexist, What Isn’t?

Whilst no one has to agree fully with the points raised by the writer of this article (I certainly don’t), it’s definitely an interesting one to read.  It relates to the ongoing issue of whether a woman should put her career on hold to look after a child whilst her male partner continues working as normal.  I recommend reading the comments of this article for a more detailed and balanced debate.


Irish Examiner.  Louise O’Neill: Maybe our outrage is the attention trolls so desperately crave.

This article written by Louise O’Neill, author of Only Ever Yours and Asking For It, and discusses whether the protests and public displays of anger in things millennials believe in actually make it worse instead of better.  Is it better to be the generation who safely do nothing or the generation who are vocal but attract attention for the trolls in the process?  Definitely worth a read.  Expect some deep thinking afterwards though!


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