What’s A Girl Gotta Do?, Holly Bourne


In 2016, I read the first and second book in the ‘Spinster Club’ Trilogy.  You can read my review of Am I Normal Yet? here.  After thoroughly enjoying them both, I just knew What’s A Girl Gotta Do? would be good.

This book follows the final ‘spinster’ Lottie as she decides to set up a feminist social project, called Vagilante, to call out every bit of sexism she witnesses.  The decision was made after she realised the reality of everyday sexism and how it was affecting her life and the lives of those around her.  Lottie’s journey through her project certainly isn’t simple, especially not when she’s facing the normal pressure of a 17 year old girl.  Has Lottie bitten off more than she can chew?  Especially with increasing amounts ofcoursework, revision and university applications.


There’s laughter, tears and, like the previous novels, a rather large quantity of cheesy snacks.  Holly Bourne’s portrayal of Lottie is honest and raw.  She has many dimensions to her personality, just like every teenage girl does.  She’s cocky and confident one minute, she’s anxious and afraid the next.  As the novel progresses, her voice and character shine through.  Despite, it being fiction, it feels very real and it was very easy to connect with Lottie and her friends as they tried to do what they believed was right.

It was such an easy read.  The words practically rolled off the page and it was an incredibly difficult book to put down.  The aim of the book, Holly Bourne said herself, was to highlight the need for feminism and to encourage girls (and anyone really) to stand up for themselves and each other.  It’s hard not to be inspired by Bourne’s stories and characters in that way. I, for one, am very much inspired.

4 thoughts on “What’s A Girl Gotta Do?, Holly Bourne

  1. I wasn’t crazy about Am I Normal Yet, but did enjoy it. I haven’t been pulled to read the rest of the series but this review may have changed my mind. I love reading novels that sore so true to life. Great review 🙂


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