Doing It!, Hannah Witton


I had been waiting for this book for months!  I pre-ordered it as soon as I could, last year and had been watching the development of the book on Hannah Witton’s social media.  As I expected, this book was amazing!  I devoured it within two evenings and I am so glad I read it.

Hannah is a Youtuber and blogger who creates content mostly about sex, relationships and feminism.  I’ve been watching her videos for over a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed what she does and have been quite inspired by it.  It always pleased me how open she was about sex and relationships and how much she supported the campaign to improve SRE (sex and relationships education) in schools, and even make it compulsory throughout England and Wales.  It is something I am also passionate about and signed the petition to force the government to take action on it.

This is her first book and acts as an educational and inspirational tool to help create an open dialogue on these issues for people aged 14 and over.   It is full of anecdotes (both funny and embarrassing), information and helpful advice.  Witton has even included sections written by her friends, family, other bloggers and Youtubers and experts.  This helps make the content of the book more diverse and meaningful for more people.  I really admired how personal some of the anecdotes were.  By sharing her own stories, Witton has created the opportunity to break down some of the barriers in dialogue about sex and relationships.  Only good things can come from more open communication for young people on these issues.

I have always taken an interest in this topic, but more so recently.  This has led me to read books such as Sara Pascoe’s Animal and Laura Bates’ Girl Up.  Like those books, Doing It! has only reaffirmed by beliefs about the importance of educating young people properly on issues surrounding sex, gender, relationships and consent.  I would strongly recommend this book (and the other two I have just mentioned) to anyone who wishes to learn more about their body or the issues I listed above, or anyone who is simply passionate about the topics like me and Hannah Witton.


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