Never Say Die, Anthony Horowitz


It had been years since I had read the Alex Rider series.  I remember it changing the way I looked at stories before I was a teenager, and helping my reading taste mature very quickly.  It was a whole series of exciting action-packed books that were not afraid of shocking their young readers.

The Alex Rider series focuses on a fourteen/fifteen year old school boy in London who gets recruited by MI5 shortly after the death of his uncle, his only remaining family after his parents died, an MI5 agent himself.  Think James Bond for children really.  To help Alex on his missions, the inventor Smithers gives him many different Bond-esque gadgets that come in handy whenever Alex gets himself into trouble.

Despite being written six years after the last book, Never Say Die is set only six weeks after.  It starts with Alex living in America with the family who adopted Alex after his guardian Jack died by the hands of the leader of an evil organisation, before Alex can stop him and the whole organisation.  In this book, Alex is so convinced Jack is still alive that he travels across the world to find out, and in true Alex Rider style gets himself stuck in the middle of another evil plot that he must stop.

I really enjoyed reading this book because of how familiar it was to me despite it being years since I read the last one.  Although the style and content was a little juvenile for me now I’m an adult, I still found it a gripping read.  I found some of the plot twists a little easy to predict but I will admit that some still surprised and shocked me.

Overall, I think this book is a very fun and interesting read for adults and children.  The series as a whole will always remain significant to me because of how much I enjoyed them when I was younger, and how much they influenced me to step out of children’s fiction and attempt to read more books in the teen fiction sections of bookshops and libraries.


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