Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman

I read this book in a couple of days last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is a collection of Norse mythology, from Scandinavia centuries ago, retold by Neil Gaiman.  In order to write this book, he read translations of original Norse texts and other famous retellings.  In the disclaimer in the front of the… Continue reading Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman


Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman

After reading Trigger Warning earlier this year, I was inspired to read Neil Gaiman's other short story collections.  This one, Smoke and Mirrors, was his first.  I bought it soon after reading Trigger Warning alongside Fragile Things, his other book of short stories. Most of the stories are thrilling and creepy.  Most are loosely themed on the idea of… Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman


Journalism Reading Update 2

Nerdist: Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett's Good Omens Gets a Miniseries From Amazon Refinery29: Why Tampon Sales In Britain Have Fallen Dramatically BBC News: CIA Releases 13m Pages of Classified Documents Online Radio Times: The Infinite Monkey Cage's Robin Ince: Why It's Good Professor Brian Cox Doesn't Know Everything The Independent: Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Amartya… Continue reading Journalism Reading Update 2